Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

Pictures have become extremely popular especially with all of the social media sites we have. People take selfies on a daily basis, and there is even a selfie stick now. We want to make sure you look picture perfect for all of your events, while you’re at work, a night out on the town, and your typical every day selfie. Check out the tips below to get some more information on how to look your best.

Your Makeup:

A shiny face due to the skins oil secretions does not look nice and says a lot about your neatness. It looks even worse on a camera because it reflects light. To minimize the shine, avoid using makeup that shimmers or has a shiny texture. Here at Skin Perfect we will custom blend you a matte finish foundation as base for your makeup and dab face powder on your skin to set the makeup and minimize the shine. We recommend keeping your colors not too bright or vivid, because they will look jarring on the camera. Medium color eye shadow works for this purpose. To keep everything neat on your face, we offer a longer-lasting, waterproof and smudge-free mineral makeup.

Your Hair:

The basic thing to do to achieve picture perfect hair is to wash your hair and make sure it is clean before standing in front of a camera. If you are going to have it styled, make sure that the hair stylist complements your face. Avoid pulling your hair back too much as well unless you wish to appear older in the picture. Go for a natural look and try not to use styling products that will make your hair look stiff. We also recommend a color analysis, this way when you see your stylist your seasonal tone will give them more information for choosing the perfect shade.

Your Clothes:

The outfit that you choose to wear should complement your figure. Choose something that enhances your figure, with a neckline that compliments your face. Do not wear clothes that do not suit you, and avoid colors or patterns that are too bold, bright and large. Below is a blog that talks about being ‘fashion perfect’ in the right clothes for your figure. Do not be afraid to accessorize, a bit of jewelry will lend style and elegance to your photo. If you are coming in for a Color Analysis we guarantee you will know the correct color that looks the best on you.

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