• Esthetics Pro Education & Training Immersion System

    Sign up for the Intensive Boot Camp Program for an 8-week online Esthetics Pro Education & Training Immersion System. At the completion of the bootcamp you have the option to continue your advanced training and onboarding any new employee through the Esthetics Pro Education Membership program. This membership starts when the Boot Camp ends and continues for three months. After 3-months, you can choose to renew your membership for continued benefits, new training content, and exclusive access to Academy instructors in our private Facebook Group.

  • Intensive Boot Camp Program

    $598 | 8 WEEK PROGRAM

    With the 8-week immersion program, you will receive:

    Access to a proprietary intensive boot camp that provides 8-weeks of online esthetic education.  This weekly training is designed to prepare each service member of your team to become proficient in their esthetic knowledge but also to challenge them to reach a top level of esthetic excellence.  They will increase their knowledge and understanding of the skin, various treatments, ingredients, and client building.

    This training is perfect for the future onboarding of new service providers.  This 8-week boot camp will have your new team members learning, engaged and will quickly bring them up to speed with the rest of your staff.  The result of this system is a cohesive, connected and respected team that is united and can focus on the group goal: making the spa successful within a nurturing spa environment, producing great results, excellent customer service and ultimately a happy, growing client base.

    Here is the breakdown of the 8-week immersion program:

    Sanitation | Week 1

    • Infection Control
    • Blood born pathogens, viruses and diseases
    • Personal self-care & protection
    • Sanitation and maintenance of treatment room
    • Sanitation and maintenance of implements
    • Maintenance of machines
    • Treatment Room
      • Proper room and tray set up
      • Preparing room for client
      • Turning room after client
    • Backbar Orientation
      • Treatment room must have products
      • Nurses station/Backbar must have products

    Preparation and Hospitality | Week 2

    • Spa & Medical Cleanse
    • Relaxation Methods
    • Branding Elements
      • 5 Sensory Elements
      • Spa Amenities
    • Hospitality Principles
      • Greeting prior to service
      • Explanation of current treatment
      • During treatment connection & relaxation
      • Service completion and wrap up
      • Advice & Recommendations
      • Rebooking
      • Review client experience & service consistency
    • Client Experience
      • Treatment room elements
        • Bedding/linens
        • Hot/cold sensations
        • Lighting & music

    Skin Biology and Physiology Intro | Week 3

    Skin Health & Wellness

    • Skin Color & Fitzpatrick Scale
    • Skin Function
    • Characteristics of Skin


    • Mechanisms of Aging

    Skin Conditions

    • Intro into skin conditions
    • Causes, symptoms, and triggers
    • Treatments

    Skin Analysis | Week 4 

    • Introduction & Intake Forms
    • Taking pictures
    • Dermaplaning for Cell Analysis
    • Determining a goal
    • Dealing with issues
    • Common Skin Conditions
      • Pigmentation
        • Hormonal, Photo Damage, Post Inflammatory
      • Acne
        • Hormonal, Hyperkeratinization, P Acne Bacteria
      • Aging
      • Inflammation
        • (Rosacea, eczema, dermatitis & psoriasis)

    Exfoliation | Week 5

    • Dermaplaning
    • Microdermabrasion & Hydamicrodermabrasion
    • Enzymes
    • Chemical Peels
    • Fruit acid peels
    • Blended Peels

    Skin Therapies | Week 6

    • Electroporation, Ionization and iontophoresis
    • Microcurrent & Nanocurrent
    • Microneedling
    • FSD- light & heat energy treatments
    • Cryotherapy

    Treatment Recommendations | Week 7

    Services Program

    • Establishing or redefining skin goals for clients
    • Creating a client service and product plan
    • Clinical Treatments in a monthly program such as membership
    • Facial Therapy options
    • Advanced treatments in series/packages

    Products Program

    • Daily Regimen (AM & PM)
    • Pre & Post Care regimens
    • Vitamin Skin Therapy (Vit A, B, C, D, & E)

    Ingredients & Retail | Week 8

    Retail & Homecare Ingredient Breakdown

    • Cleansers
    • Exfoliators
    • Actives & Serums
    • Moisturizers
    • Sunscreens

    At home treatments

    • Scrubs
    • Masks

    Skincare Devices

    • Rotary brushes, LED devices, Spatulas, & Microcurrents

    Backbar Ingredient Breakdown

    • Prep Products
    • Enzymes
    • Conductors
    • Hydrate & Protect

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  • Intensive Boot Camp Note

    In addition to the 8 week immersion program, please select a membership plan below.

  • Esthetics Pro Education Membership Program


    This 3-month membership includes:

    • 10% off Skin Perfect Academy CEU Courses (depending on state availability)
    • Ongoing support from our team of Skin Perfect Academy Instructors, Skin Perfect Leadership Team and Skin Perfect Spa Master Estheticians to support you in providing answers to questions and client concerns
    • Private Facebook Group with direct access to Skin Perfect Academy instructors
    • Monthly Tips and Tricks videos on skincare and makeup to share with your team
    • Quarterly introduction training videos to new technology, services, or cutting-edge ingredients that became newly available in the esthetic industry. Your spa will always be on point with client demands and new service offerings.
    • 15% off in person education at one of our Academy locations (OH & FL) & 20% off group trainings at our Academy locations
    • Access to Jaclyn’s esthetic industry articles, news segment videos, student access only training videos and Jaclyn’s books: Discover the Power of Your Colors & The Esthetician’s Guide to Outstanding Esthetics! Vol II

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  • Membership Program Note

    The membership plan is for 3 months following the 8 week immersion program.  Payment for the membership plan will be in 3 monthly installments, beginning in the 9th week after the immersion program is purchased.