Lash Extensions

The application of eyelash extensions is a highly technical and meticulous process requiring well-trained estheticians and cosmetologists to perform the procedure. Unlike traditional false eyelashes which are applied as a single strip and last only a couple of days, eyelash extensions are individual, synthetic extensions singularly bonded to each natural lash to create a longer, thicker, more glamorous look. Consequently, Skin Perfect University-trained estheticians, makeup artists, and lash stylists are instructed with the industry’s most comprehensive training course for the most efficient and effective application techniques. Our superior training ensures that licensed professionals receive the technical instruction designed to increase lash extensions wear-time and longevity. We teach our advanced lash stylists to apply lashes in half of the time; which makes lash fills much more tolerable for the client.

  • 2-in-1 Lash Lift & Brow Lamination Course


    Discover the 2-in-1 treatment that will revolutionize the way you do lashes and brows. In our 2-in-1 training course you will learn the 2 biggest ‘must have’ treatments turned into 1. By combining lash lifting and brow lamination treatments, your clients can walk in and out of the spa or salon in just over an hour. You’ll get maximum results in minimum time and more earning potential with this highly profitable 2-in-1 treatment.  You could earn up to $195,000 per year* by doing just 5 ilashHero 2-in-1 treatments per day.

    With our blended 8-hour online learning program you’re able to do the theory at your own pace and then attend a practical course covering both treatments. We also offer an online only version which is an option if we don’t currently have a training venue near you. The 2-in-1 training course fee includes all online theory, practical training and a starter kit worth over $350 with all the essential products you need for the treatments.  Course certificate on completion.

    image of why take 2-in-1 lash lift & brow lamination training courseThis course is suitable for all levels – for beginners wanting to learn lash lifting & brow lamination techniques for the first time and for those already trained in lash lifting and/or brow lamination but want to learn how to do the 2-in-1 and brush up on their skills at the same time.

    *Based on 5 treatments per day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks, average $150 treatment, revenue only.



    We’re here to help so if you have any questions about booking training, please contact us.













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  • Lash Beginner Training

    $1200 | 1 DAY | 10AM-5PM

    The Lash Pro program places special emphasis on theory, the science behind the procedure, safety and advanced techniques that are guaranteed to produce longer-lasting applications. This course appeals to cosmetologists, estheticians, and makeup artists in the salon and spa industry.

    Class includes:

    • Lash skills training manual
    • Free access to marketing materials
    • Hands-on training

    *We will review the glue type and glue allergies.
    *A light breakfast and lunch is included.

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  • Lash Refresher Training

    $625 | 1 DAY | 10AM-3PM

    Already-certified lash artists may need a refresher course to get better lash application, speedier lash application, or increase lashes staying longer for their client. This class is designed to sharpen your skills and remind you of your technique to get you back in the swing of lash application perfection.

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  • Advanced Lash Extension Training


    Learn the newest, most advanced lash extension techniques to advance your current skills and grow your business. Learn how to master creating the voluminous and luxurious lash lines that your clients yearn for. The master trainer will teach you a 3-length application technique which is applying more than one extension per natural lash. You will also learn how to speed up your application time, business tips, and the how-to of eye cosmetic applications that will enhance your work and the how-to of correct strip applications.

    Class includes:

    • Foundation technique
    • Flaring technique
    • Bottom Volume Lashes
    • Multiple 3-length bonding method
    • Customizing lashes to fit all eye shapes
    • 1–6 step speed application method
    • Proper isolation techniques
    • Creative makeup techniques
    • Proper curing and isolation techniques
    • Step-by-step instructions on how to customize strip application
    • Creating an eye look according to the lash look that is beautiful and believable
    • Step-by-step training manual including graphics to help you along the way
    • Adhesive, volume lashes, under eye pads, and any products and tools needed for use during class

    *We will review the glue type and glue allergies.

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  • Lash Lift Pro

    Offer your clients luscious lifted lashes that will last for weeks, in the blink of an eye. One 20-minute professional treatment is all it takes to deliver gorgeous lifted lashes that resist showering or swimming, lasting up to 2-3 months. We are the only Nouveau Lashes distributor in the USA providing product training with official certification for the beauty industry professional. We chose to partner with Nouveau Lashes because we truly believe in the success and quality of their products. Lash lifts and tints are at the forefront of the beauty industry and offer clients the chance to enhance their own natural beauty. We believe in celebrating the natural beauty of each and every client by adding facial definition.


  • Lash Lift and Tint Training

    $700 | 1 DAY | 10AM-3PM

    Learn the newest trend in the beauty industry: the lash lift.  It is a service that is in demand and needs lash artists in every spa to perform this delicate but effective service.  The lash lift training course will include training for the new isolator tool, strong hold glue that is formaldehyde-free, use of under eye gel pads and a conditioning mascara.

    The combined lift and tint course will include:

    • Comprehensive theory and instruction from your trainer
    • Student instructional manual and video

    *A light breakfast and lunch is included.

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