Advanced Lash Extension Training



Learn the newest, most advanced lash extension techniques to advance your current skills and grow your business. Learn how to master creating the voluminous and luxurious lash lines that your clients yearn for. The master trainer will teach you a 3-length application technique which is applying more than one extension per natural lash. You will also learn how to speed up your application time, business tips, and the how-to of eye cosmetic applications that will enhance your work and the how-to of correct strip applications.

Class includes:

  • Foundation technique
  • Flaring technique
  • Bottom Volume Lashes
  • Multiple 3-length bonding method
  • Customizing lashes to fit all eye shapes
  • 1–6 step speed application method
  • Proper isolation techniques
  • Creative makeup techniques
  • Proper curing and isolation techniques
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to customize strip application
  • Creating an eye look according to the lash look that is beautiful and believable
  • Step-by-step training manual including graphics to help you along the way
  • Adhesive, volume lashes, under eye pads, and any products and tools needed for use during class

*We will review the glue type and glue allergies.